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 Silence at Last [A Werewolf & Human RP]

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SAL Admin [Sky]

PostSubject: Silence at Last [A Werewolf & Human RP]   Fri Jul 08, 2016 11:31 am

Silence at Last is a werewolf and human RP set in an imaginary farming town in Oregon. The humans are completely unaware of the werewolf packs that reside in Silverbrook, and they are trying their best to ignore the strange things happening. But people are starting to figure things out. The werewolves must try to keep their secret, and if humans find discover the truth they must be taken out.

* An Active and Growing Site
* We welcome all levels of roleplayers
* An account per character RP
* A simple character application so you can start RP-ing quickly
* No word count

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Silence at Last [A Werewolf & Human RP]
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