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 Episode 2: Art of Rodent!

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PostSubject: Episode 2: Art of Rodent!   Fri Nov 03, 2017 2:27 am

Name of RP: Art of Rodent
Quest Category: Episode
Characters participating: Weasel (+0), Hasegawa (+0)
Important NPC(s) requested:
Planned Location(s): Shimotsuki Village

Summary: After departing Loguetown and leaving his former identity behind, Weasel has found himself a bit strapped for cash. He also lacks the necessary gear he needs to continue his journeys seriously. Deciding to kill two birds with one stone, and possibly debut as a pirate, he made his way for Shimotsuki Village. Without any bounty, he was confident he'd enter safely. But what he does not know is how soon he'll encounter a force of law and their dirty hands.

Weasel Show Theme:


The shining moon of night struck Weasel's hair as he sailed solo towards the shores of Shimotsuki. It was a relatively small island, the majority of it taken up by a village. The designs seemed very akin to Feudal Japan, though Weasel saw it as the architecture of warriors. He had heard a bit about Shimotsuki, being a village of mostly samurai and smiths. It wasn't quite like Kano Country, but it had its own warrior culture. Gliding along the icy midnight waters, he came upon the docks and tied down his boat upon true arrival. It was late, so there was no one handling the docks and nobody on the streets ahead.

Weasel took his time, roaming the streets of Shimotsuki to quickly do some quiet reconnaissance. During this time, he thought on how he likely would not be a known criminal in the town as he had yet to commit any reported crimes. This was an exciting feeling to him, which meant he could make a quick dime without much initial resistance. When he located the inn he'd be staying in with his measly sum in his pockets, he was happy to find that it was close to the shore. Before entering, he figured he'd look around the village a bit more.

Eventually, he came upon a well-lit noodles-and-sake bar, which enticed him enough to enter. Upon entering, he was immediately seated and served sake. Weasel kept his small-talk brief and vague and ordered his food. Not long after he had begun eating, two men entered the bar and were immediately served food and sake; as if they had been expected. Weasel kept to himself but also kept an ear grasping at their whispers.

The words were slippery, but he was able to take hold of some. "Hm, I take it my son has been a bit of a handful for you gentlemen?" The closer figure spoke, humbly eating after such dramatic implications. "Well, you know. Just the usual. However, I'd just like a bit less to deal with for now. Don't worry, the money's alright and I'm's just a request." A more well-built man spoke, eating less elegantly than the man closer to Weasel.

This man was much larger and burly in comparison to the over-weight man who spoke of his son. "That's good. I'll make sure to get you your money soon." The two smiled towards each other, the burly man noticing Weasel slurping his noodles peacefully. "Hm? Oi, kid...Were you eavesdropping?" Weasel, knowing that he was likely going to have to escape what seemed like him hearing things he wasn't supposed to and a very angry, large man beating him over it, looked into his coat.

Whispering into it, a rat crawled out and scurried out. The two were very disturbed and Weasel just smiled ugly towards them. "H-henlo gentllllllllemans!" Weasel still spoke monotone, but he acted a bit more belligerent. The people running the bar noticed what was going on and said nothing. Otherwise Weasel was taking a one-way trip or he was going to escape unscathed. "Don't worry, Roger. He's just a kid enjoying his first sip of sake. Come on, let's go." The two left without paying, but the burly man made sure to get a good eye-full of Weasel. Not good.

Weasel waited a while before also dine-and-dashing. The workers likely ignored him because they didn't want trouble from Roger and the mysterious father. Weasel made sure not to dilly-dally anymore and checked into the inn he found before. When the sun came and knocked on his eye's doors, he knew that he had to take care of his errands. But first, what is the point of this mug my neighbor had? Leaving the room, he walked in a beeline for all the coin purses he could snatch int he inn. Before anyone could realize, Weasel essentially roomed for free.

On his way to the closest blacksmith, he made sure to keep a good eye on the weight of everyone's pockets and even give a few complimentary hands-on inspections. I think today'll be a good day...

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Episode 2: Art of Rodent!
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