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 Sōkutsu L. Yuurei

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PostSubject: Sōkutsu L. Yuurei   Wed Oct 18, 2017 12:25 am

Sōkutsu Yuurei

Basic Character Information

Starting Bonus: Pocket Change | [Starting Bonus Roll]

First Name: Yuurei
Middle Name/Initial: L.
Last Name: Sōkutsu
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Faction: Pirate
Profession: Thief, Baker, Womanizer

Physical Appearance

Height: 6 Ft.
Weight: 180 lbs

Hair Style: Nicely down
Hair Color: Orange
Eye Color: Lime Green
Scars: N/A
Clothing and Accessories: Yuurei can be seen wearing a sleeveless shirt. The shirt is white in the front, but also black on the sides. This shirt is also button all the way. He has a pouch on his side as well where he stores items in there, but mostly candy. There is also a protected chest piece that he wears as well that usually have three of his favorite candy placed on what looks like a candy holster. He can be seen wearing black long pants that are baggy enough for him to move fine, but not hinder his movements. He wears a brown saddle on his right thigh where he has a pouch where he could put things in there. Yuurei has shin guards on him, which are tighten all the way to where his feet are at. He wears black shoes that can be zipped up, but never are. They are usually slipped onto, so there is no time for tripping on your own shoelaces. He wears two long sleeves that cover his biceps. They can be adjusted depending if he gains weight or not with strings that are on the side of it. On the end of the sleeves are white to go with his shirt.

He wears black gloves that are long and go passed his wrist. They are styled in a fashion that his fingertips can still be seen. He wears a black headband around his forehead, but not only has that he wears a black scarf like cape around him. He is usually carrying around three lollipops and a candy bar on him that is visible. He is always eating one, while the other two are held by the holster on his chest. There is always a candy bar that can be found on the third holster. Another thing about Yuurei is that he is usually carrying a white bag with him. It always looks filled, but nobody actually knows what is in there. He also has his sword on his lower back.

Description: Yuurei has pale skin complexion all around. His skin is smooth as well, which doesn’t have an ounce of scars around him. He is strong, and well built, but his muscles do not show unless he is using strength to do something. Other than that, his body looks smooth with slightly visible muscles. His nails are cut nicely, so that they grow evenly, and they do not incidentally cut someone or himself by mistake. He has nice orange hair, which is well taken care of. It’s usually always clean unless of course there is no way for the man to shower. His hair is short, but has bangs that stop right above his eyes. Yuurei’s eyebrows are also orange as well, and are naturally thin. He has healthy teeth as well, considering that he eats a lot of sweets. His eyes are that color of a lime green.

The Past

Main Traits: Quiet, Mean, Blunt
Likes: Sweets, Sweets, and more Sweet, Females, Stealing, Beach, and Baking.
Dislikes: Anything Sour, Slave Owners, and Abandonment
Unique laugh: Yes my character has a unique laugh. When he laughs it’s loud and it’s like he is not breathing. He actually sounds like he’s dying when he is laughing if anything.

Hometown: Kanki Town
Personality: Yuurei isn’t a person you would want to mess with. He’s a rude person especially to those he finds rather annoying. His tongue has no filter, which at times will get him in more trouble than he should have gotten himself into. This doesn’t mean he doesn’t know when to seek allies or find people who he would rather on his side. He could see things in people that could not be explained words. If he sees something that shows a person has some sort potential, he will treat you close to his equal. Still, his heart has no soft spots for those who he need to take down. If he must take a hostage he will do what he needs to do. He won’t protect those around him, if his life is on the line. He would rather sacrifice those around him, that he doesn’t know, then have a chance to get caught and be sent away for any situation. Yuurei will, however try not to get as much people as he can involve. He feels showing his strength without the use of tricks and cheap tactics would prove to those that he isn’t hiding behind the weak and the hopeless, but would lean towards such tactic, if he had no other choice.

As for killing it isn’t something he wouldn’t hesitate to do. He would stab you the first chance he gets, if he had to. Yuurei would not have you beg, nor plead for your life, if you challenge him to a fight that he might have felt his life was on the line. The same for his crew, he wouldn’t hesitate to kill his crewmates, if they had some type of intent to do him harm. Still, he wouldn’t mind having those who show that they are strong and won’t step down from a fight by his side. Yuurei doesn’t like cowardice; it is something he despise, and he feels that if you are afraid to fight, then you should never be a part of a problem, or just walk away before the situation escalates to such a situation.

His appearance can fool people though; he usually has a smile on his face, and looks like a happy person. He could be fooled for looking like a nice guy, but he isn’t unless he is close to you, but even then, there are limitation to how nice he would be. Then there is the fact that he is a thief; yes, Yuurei is a thief, he will take from those who have nice things and if he feels like you don’t need what you own, he will take it from you. There is also the part that he will take from those he feels like won’t make out alive. If a town becomes ruined, you best believe he will plunder everything he could get his grasp onto. Survival of the fittest fits to this as he will steal from other pirates as well. He won’t think twice, and he knows you have something and he knows he could take it, then he will.

Yuurei has a soft spot for candy thought. Yes, the man who wouldn’t hesitate to kill you loves candy. You will always see him with a lollipop or some type of candy in his hand. If you can supply him with a bunch of candy and I mean a whole lot of candy, then he might somehow let the problems between you and him go. It’s easier for his crew to do this, but it depends on the situation. There are just somethings you can’t get out of even with candy.

Now for woman…Yuurei has a problem where he feels like all woman can be his. He doesn’t care who you, but if he feels like he wants you, then he will try to make his move on you. Sometimes that will lead him to forcing himself on a female, but that’s how his mentality works. He does try to treat them to with respect, if they are willingly from the start, if not then things just become blown out of proportion. When he is alone he tends to relax at a fixed location, where which changes and varies from island to island.
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Sōkutsu L. Yuurei
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