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 Samantha J. Walker

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PostSubject: Samantha J. Walker    Wed Sep 13, 2017 1:27 am

Samantha J. Walker

The Devil's Hand:

Basic Character Information

Starting Bonus: Logia | [Starting Bonus Roll]

First Name: Samantha
Middle Name/Initial: J.
Last Name: Walker
Epithet: Siren | Enki | Roulette
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Race: Human [Amazon]
Faction: Pirate
Profession: Arsonist/Pyromaniac | Prof. Gambler | Crew's Punisher

Physical Appearance

Height: 5 feet, 6 inches
Weight: 165 lbs.

Hair Style: Long, Untamed
Hair Color: Red/Magenta/Orange
Eye Color: Green, Sea Blue
Scars: N/A
Clothing and Accessories:  If one were to describe Samantha and her clothing preferences, there would be two words that would pop up more often than not: confident and “open.” Not surprisingly, such words could also be used to describe her personality as she is the kind of person who wears whatever she believes to be the most comfortable. Not to mention that her personality is quite the overconfident one as she isn’t afraid to show off some skin. Not that she is the type to seek attention, but it is simply because she does not care. In most cases, these include articles of clothing that tend to be not-so-modest and is more on the ‘confident’ end of the spectrum. Her most signature clothing would be her shorts and a matching sports bra. If anything, her orange baseball cap with the insignia of a red star is the one thing she will almost never part from regardless of the situation.

During events that require professional attire or something more modest, Samantha is the type of person who will most likely not attend them unless forced to. This is to say, she is not one who knows the types of correct and appropriate attire to wear at these functions as she had never needed to attend them before. Or, in many cases, she feels incredibly restrained and imprisoned within the constraints of dresses, skirts, and longer sleeved items. Hence why those have become her least favorite to wear. When forced to go, though, Samantha would be one that would take forever to decide what to do next. More often than not, she is one who would need assistance with makeup, hairdo, and the sort as she is not at all comfortable with the more “feminine” aspect of dressing up. For, again, she has never had the experience with experiment with palettes and the sort due to the fact of the area she grew in.


The Arsonist:

There is a peculiar atmosphere concerning this young arsonist and that would be, unmistakingly, due to her overall natural appearance. Hair of various shades of red, orange and pinks, Samantha is definitely one to stand out within a mass of crowds whenever she visits this place and that. After all, her hair is unnaturally natural and not one that could easily befall another. This is to say that although quite unique, it is non-existent and, thus, has caused her to become an outcast in various places. Her hair is an untamable mess of wavy curls that flow down to her waist. If compared to something, people would most often claim it to be fire instead of actual hair due to their uncanny resemblance. Regardless of where she goes though, her hair is what most remember of her. Yet, similar to that of the peculiar design of her hair, her eyes are no different with its own unique spin. Born with orbs of a bluish sea-green, Enki's eyes can easily be compared to the vastness of the deep, blue sea. This, though, does raise some question having to do with the differences in color it holds. In a certain light, they shift from the greenish tint to that of a clear icy blue. Yet, in an altered state (whether it be stress or anger), they blaze a fiery red  that reflect the passion of the flames found deep within her heart.  

Overall, her body contains the outlook and feature of an athletic build as well as gives her curves in what many consider to be “in all the right places.” Her toned muscles and well-built figure is also something to be admired, at least, in her opinion as she is often using clothing that accentuates it. Looking further, and unlike the rest of her strange and, otherwise, ‘supernatural’ appearance, Samantha’s skin can be noted as quite on the average side when concerning tone and color. This, quite frankly, is what she has come to most appreciate. After all, she has been able to at least feel more ‘normal’ due to her skin tone being in a similar range from among the rest of those she has surrounded herself with. Still, rather than it being blotchy and ill-kept, it is said to be of a beautiful creamy, ivory tone that tends to be on the paler side of the spectrum. Her skin is quite soft and, it is not surprising that this has also come to mean that her skin is quite flawless. Furthermore, due to her desire to often cleanse it, it is also free of blemishes (although they do rarely occur) and spots. Her cheeks hold within itself a natural pale, rosy blush to complement her overall appearance. Needless to say, Enki rarely ever uses make-up due to her complexion.

The Past

Main Traits:
1. Fire; To those that truly know Samantha, there is no surprise that this pyromaniac loves fire and all that it brings. Of this, there is no doubt. Samantha's love of fire has caused her to be in constant battles with the law as she is someone who spreads the wonders of the flames to wherever it is that she goes. Therefore, it is of no surprise that she is a well known, yet identity-hidden arsonist by the name of Siren/Roulette.
2. Felines; Samantha has a deep connection and unconditional love for any feline creatures regardless of its type and/or size. This can be quickly noted once one happens to walk down her path. These tiny creatures are the reason Roulette is caught off guard in the midst of battle or happens to find herself wandering lost in a dark alley. This is further increased as she tends to have a special bond with them making her sort of like a cat whisperer of sorts.
3. Literature; Samantha enjoys books of various kinds as reading is, in other words, power, or so they say. Regardless, Roulette enjoys a good book and reads whatever she can get ahold of when she has the time. Furthermore, as rumors would have it, it is even said that her own special library full of her collected books. This, though, has never been confirmed or denied, thus leaving this to other’s imagination.
4. Adventure; Samantha's love of a good adventure knows no limits nor set bounds. Seeing as she can mostly take care of herself (thanks to those she had once called friends), Roulette is not afraid to look at danger in the eyes. Therefore, she can constantly be seen tempting death despite being often reprimanded for doing so. Still, she is one seen often times diving straight into the heap of trouble that awaits her in the end.

1. Sickness; If there is anything in the world that she hates, Roulette absolutely loathes being sick. For her, being sick is like a life sentence for a detainee. In other words, Samantha is a free spirit who has never been tied down and. so, being cooped up is not something that she particularly enjoys. She will do anything to get out of it and, when a symptom comes rolling around, she freaks out.
2. Laziness; To be lazy and unfocused is fatal in her line of work as an arsonist and as a (now ex-) gang member. As such, she cannot stand being lazy nor have anyone within her crew be one as well. Roulette is someone that needs to be on the move and, when she is not, can become quite depressed due to having her life lack the thrill. Therefore, she is always looking for something to do and is, oftentimes, the one who proposes heading out.
3. "Above All" Mentality; This is the type of mentality in which Roulette has come to hate with a strong, unbending passion. She, without a doubt, cannot stand such a characteristic from someone (regardless of who they are) and it, therefore, can result into her walking away or, if they really have angered her, punching them in the face before casually going on her way. Either way, she refuses to listen to those types and will not do so until situations have changed.
The Extras:

Hometown: Waterfall Island [Uncharted Islands]

Personality: There is no doubt that Samantha is someone who can be described as two sides of the same coin. A strange metaphor, but true nonetheless. For, unlike most that have learned who they are and shape their lives around that thought, she is still in constant struggle to find herself. How can this be possible? Well, one can only look at her life to obtain their answers. Needless to say, on one hand, this young, fiery woman is someone who exerts self-confidence accompanied with a bubbly nature. She is an extrovert and her constant love of conversation is something that makes her quite likeable. Yet, on the other side of the spectrum, she is shy and, quite surprisingly, someone who retreats back into a shell. An opposite reaction to her very ‘out’ there personality, but something that has become more visible once her teenage years hit. This is to say, that once she left her gang and became her own person, she became lost and her awkwardness made itself known. Still, this is not to say that she maintains one piece of her personality over the other. No. This is simply a matter of how her demeanor changes based on certain situations and how she will come to react. As to why things are the way they are with her, it can only be said that it is because of the different lives she has led up til this point.

When growing up, and until the point she reached her middle school life, Samantha was in a world where everything seemed to crash down upon her. Something most people would say as they would be growing up and yet, for Samantha, it was much more than just a “kid’s thing.” Bullied at home and within her academic setting, there was no escape from her torment nor refuge for her to hide within. Therefore, it was no wonder that this pyromaniac turned to the bad crowds for a place to call home and people to call family. This, in turn, caused her to become a delinquent and not care for the authorities that came to call her. This gave her the freedom to do whatever she wanted and take for herself what she had never had -freedom. Still, though, it was unusual for her not to drop out of school. As to why this was, it was because Samantha took it upon herself to study at the late of night. For, despite being one of the people no one thought would have a future, Samantha had other plans. Although she was not one to portray it, she hoped to become someone who could make someone proud of her. Even if she had no true friends during this time. Still, she would be one to be in a constant battle with the law and enjoy the thrill of the chase.  

During her time of transition to her high school years, her life took a quick turn in a whole different direction. For, it is then that she met her closest friends and changed her life (sorta) from that point on. In contrast to before, Samantha went back to studying (showing her teachers that she did) and, to some exent, pay more attention to those in charge. This caused a small shift in her environment as now her Professors would acknowledge her potential. Still, though, she still had a reputation and, in her mind, it’s alright with her. This way, she is able to maintain her place within the world as well as be able to enjoy her life as a ‘changed’ woman. Soon, a shift in her being would change as well as she would open up more and, eventually, be someone who would try to make friends. When that didn’t work, she would retreat into her quiet zone and beeline any potential friend. Still, she would be looking forward to finding her friends and, eventually, being more open to them about everything. Her change of personality, though, would leave her feeling confused and, in some cases, lost as she didn’t know how to handle certain situations. Still, she looks for support of her friends and, if none can be found, ventures out to cool her head [s]by inciting fires and the sort[/s].  

Personality Quirks: Out of one of her many quirks, the most prominent one would be that Samantha is one to take things out of proportions. Not that she is someone who does it in a negative way, but, rather, is the type who plays down her stories while the truth could be a little more… wild. Needless to say, she is someone who tends to allow her emotions to do the talking whether it be anger or any other strong feeling. This tends to oftentimes get her into trouble although she often uses these downplays as a way to seem stronger than what she really is.

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Samantha J. Walker
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