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 [WIP] Valkyrie's Equipment

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PostSubject: [WIP] Valkyrie's Equipment    Mon Sep 11, 2017 4:54 pm

(Your character's full name)'s Equipment

You can create your equipment using the following template. Create a topic titled [(Your character's full name)'s Equipment]. Any equipment you add later to your character will be added in this topic. Format of the topic title : Bob B. Smith's Equipment.

Character Name: Your character's full name goes here.
Number of Equipment Pieces: How many pieces of equipment do you own? New characters start out with two Tier 1 pieces of equipment. Note that not every item you own does not need to be an official piece of equipment. The equipment system is only for items that you feel are worthy of giving you stat points and being named with their own little profile. Each piece of equipment can contain multiple items (i.e. ammunition, pair of swords, throwing knives etc.) also, however, the stat points gained from them will not stack based on the number of items in a single equipment piece. A pair of swords listed under one piece of equipment will still only give one equipment's worth of stat points.
Highest tiered equipment: What is the tier of your highest tiered equipment?
Total Equipment Stat Points: How many additional total stats do you get from all your pieces of equipment?

Equipment Name: The name of this equipment.
Equipment Type: Is it a sword? An armor piece? A special den-den mushi?
Equipment Tier: What is the tier of this equipment?
Equipment Stats: List the stat assignments you'd like to apply to your character from this equipment.

Equipment Description: Describe how this equipment works, and what its purpose is.


Equipment Techniques:

Devil Fruit Equipment Techniques:

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[WIP] Valkyrie's Equipment
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