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 Meghan A. Hawke

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PostSubject: Meghan A. Hawke   Mon Sep 04, 2017 12:42 pm

Meghan A. Fox

”The Doc”:

Basic Character Information

Starting Bonus: Soar, Phoenix | Starter Roll

First Name: Meghan
Middle Name/Initial: A.
Last Name: Hawke
Epithet: Doc | Miss. | Valkyrie
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Faction: Revolutionary [NRA]
Profession: Elite Doctor and Scientist.

Physical Appearance

Height: 5 feet, 4 inches.
Weight: 125 lbs.

Hair Style: Long, Wavy [Rests Just Below Waist]
Hair Color: Auburn Brown
Eye Color: Clear, Icy Blue
Scars: N/A
Clothing and Accessories:

”Just Another Day”:

Professionally, this young doctor will always wear a clean white, ironed lab coat with glasses protruding out of her chest pocket. As to what she wears normally underneath, it can very from time to time. Still, she will do her best to maintain casually professional attire while still flaunting her curves with a semi-low cut blouse with a skirt every now and then. This lab coat, though, is a tell-tell sign that she won’t be putting up with disrespect nor attitude from other people. After all, she keeps her professional and personal extremely separate.  If ever someone tries to mix personal with professional, one can easily note the irritation as soon as she inches for the non-prescription glasses and puts them on. During this time, it is advisable to stay clear and listen to her orders. Interestingly, though, she has no need for these glasses, but will only use them as a way to distract herself and appear ‘smarter’ to the below-average masses.

It is not surprising that Meghan is a woman who knows what she has and isn’t afraid to show it. She is confident and that, in itself, allows her to sport clothing that reveals a bit of skin without a care. Still, though, her dressage contains a sense of respect and will not allow people to treat her like a piece of meat. Meghan, though, does enjoy to spend her days dressing up whenever possible. Whether it be with various degrees of dresses and skirts, she is one to wear it all. She has no trouble adjusting to an environment as she will oftentimes wear something that blends if she is in a covert operation. Her thriving expertise, though, tends to be at bars wear she simply has to dress to impress. In her free time, Meghan may wear slacks and a blouse, although she will seldom wear a lab coat. She does, though, carry it with her in a bag or pack for easy access. If anything, she will never be seen without a bag of some sorts and several identification cards.

Description: A petite woman of five feet and four inches, it is hard to believe that she is a woman with a bite and snarky attitude. Her complexion, much like one would come to expect. is quite soft with an ivory, peachy hue. Her pale, flawless skin tone is also more than enough to complement the rest of her flirty and confident appearance. Not to mention, that the obtainment of impurity upon her skin is rare in occurrence. After all, she takes great care of her skin. This, perhaps, can be narrowed down due to her status as an aspiring doctor. Her hair is something of a unique aspect for her as it is originally auburn although it blends into a shade of red and burgundy from time to time. This can simply be seen by having her stand under certain types of light and shading. Furthermore, Meghan's voluminous locks rests upon her back, flowing down just about her waist. Her ocean-wave curls also adds a bit of spunk to this overall look.

As per Meghan’s body type, although she is quite small in height, she does have curves that accent her natural look. In fact, she is aware of it herself that she isn’t afraid to show off a bit of it either. Yet, although it is quite true that her skin and hair are very prominent features of our young doctor, her true beauty lies within her unusual eyes. Her eyes, interestingly enough, are the epitome of what makes her an unforgetable creature, and she exploits it as best she cans. A mixture of icy blue, green, brown, and silver are what makes up the color of Meghan’s interesting eyes. Yet, if one were to look closely into her eyes, they would spot a silhouette of a tree within the pupil of her left eye. This, though, is not obvious as it blends in within her natural eye color. As to how this came to be, no one really knows although many do speculate its unnatural appearance.

The Past

Main Traits: Sassy, Flirty, Confident, Heartless, Bubbly

1. Making Friends: In an attempt to get to know people, Meghan is the type of girl who tends to use the concept of friendly flirting as a means to do so. This, though, does not happen as a first attempt in an attempt to establish respect and distance. If anything, she simply has to use her bubbly persona in order to get close to someone.
2. Her Job: If there is anything that Meghan enjoys doing, it is her job and doing it well. Being a renowned Doctor, despite her age, has given Meghan the satisfaction of becoming her own boss. She excels at what she does despite her obstacles and, therefore, accepts nothing less than perfect in everything that she does.
3. Poisons: Truly, Meghan is the kind of person you would wish as an ally and never as an enemy. Just like her love for medicinal works, Meghan is someone who enjoys working on the opposite spectrum as well. Her interests of poisons has allowed her to delve deeper into what her job really entails as well as allows her to be able to research its uses.
4. Gossip: Although she is never one to spread it, Meghan loves hearing a bit of juicy gossip. She is always in the midst of a group and definitely one to enjoy the hot scandals. Yet, despite this fact, she is one who holds confidentiality to its highest regard. Perhaps this is due to being a Doctor, but if someone says it's a secret, then a secret it shall be.

1. ”Crossing the Line”: Although it is a clear fact that Meghan is the type of woman to flirt endlessly, she, in no way, will accept disrespect nor allow someone to cross the boundary line she has set up. For her, flirting is just a way to unwind and have fun. Nothing more unless her explicit permission is given or is interested in furthering a relationship.
2. Being Bored: As someone who enjoys the company of people (an extrovert), it is an absolute disaster if Meghan ever becomes bored. Not to mention what her experiments would come out to be or how people would react as she has come to use others as her guinea pig. This, though, hardly happens although, in times of extreme heat, she can become quite irritable.
3. Authority Struggles: If there is anything that Meghan hates the most, it is being told what to do and how to do her job ‘right.’ Despite being young, she has accumulated a lot of knowledge concerning medicine and gained a lot of reputation. Therefore, she, in no way, appreciates being looked down upon or having someone with no experience tell her what she does is wrong.
4. Betrayal: Regardless of the circumstances that surround any given situation, Meghan is the kind of woman who hates betrayal no matter how ‘justified’ it comes across to be. Nor is she one to aid it. This is particularly true to whether it comes to her leader (if she is loyal to them) and/or relationships that she encounters.

Hometown: Clown Side [West] - [Uncharted Islands]
Personality: To first meet this young adventurer, one would only come to note that she is someone with such a carefree nature and, quite seemingly, a person without a care in the world. Not much thought to all else is given for she captivates with a smile and blinds with her innocent charm. After all, due to this, she is seen as quite the bubbly figure and very energetic in her demeanor. From the way she presents herself to the way she speaks, Meghan is a woman who holds an act of innocence and sense of freedom that she carries. Although no one can say for sure, this can only be pinpointed the sound of her laugh and the way she comports with others as the cause to this idea. For, not only is she one to grin and smile, but she is also one to make fast friends with those around her regardless of who these people are. As such, it is of no surprise that Meghan is very talkative and enjoys a good, stimulating conversation with those around her. As to whether or not this is related to work or simply something random, Meghan yearns for either. Still, she has no trouble keeping quiet and allowing others to speak. One can only assume that this narrows down to her work as a doctor and researcher. Furthermore, this aspiring doctor is also one who enjoys a good laugh, preferring to join in on the fun than to seclude herself away from the fun. This, though, does not mean she looks for the spotlight although she had no trouble being a part of it.

Meghan is also someone who enjoys the company of males. Not because they offer anything in particular, but simply because of their uses. This is not to say she is one to get physical, but, rather, simply someone who plays on the emotion of others to obtain her desired result. In truth, Meghan is what every woman hates -a flirt. Her innocent smile and bubbly nature, although contagious, is one that not many allow themselves to be deceive. Especially the women that surrounds her as they know better. After all, not only is she one with the looks and cutesy charm, but it is of no surprise that she has the reputation of being a massive flirt to her male counterparts. Meghan doesn’t hide it nor is she ashamed of what she does. To her, it is all a big game to have fun with and enjoy the moment. This, though, is not to say that she doesn’t have boundaries. She does and she makes it very clear. There is always a limit placed by Meghan for whenever she flirts and makes friends. These lines are distinct as her workplace is professional and her words are laws. If anyone were to pass these rules and disrespected her, they would surely regret it in the end. After all, Meghan is one who demands respect regardless of whether or not she had been joking about things previously. She is also one who also separates work from personal things and expects others to do the same. For, if ever a problem occurs that starts to seep into her professional life, she will be quick to cut ties with it and end it.

Yet, there is a side not many people know of our young doctor and that it is that she, like many, is a house full of cards -or secrets, so to speak. Despite being a gifted woman and of a more petite standing, she is not one many would wish to cross. After all, when crossed, she is one to make sure the other person pays dearly for the ill they have caused her. It is not easy to catch early on, but Valkyrie is deceptive and she's very good at it. With her flair and way of being, it is incredibly hard to come across the fact that she is a deadly weapon to be used to infiltrate the heart of the beast. When need be, this aspiring scientist plays with the feelings and minds of others to obtain whatever it is that she wants. After all, she simply has to see them as tools and experiments to reach her end game. Or, in some cases, the goals of those she has come to ally herself with. Although, if one were to delve deeper, Meghan has demons of her past that she has never been able to fully overcome. Ridding herself of her loved one would be the biggest one. After all, it involves regret. Yet, in more ways than one, it is something that she cannot afford to have in her daily life. Still, the instance has provided her the tool and means to become unattached to emotions and use others however she sees fit. She has nothing to lose. Still, it does not mean she cannot love or care for others. Therefore, reminiscing about her past hurts and she is never one to talk about it. When asked, she simply reverts to her ‘normal’ self and changes the topic of conversation.

Involved in shady businesses and dealings, Meghan finds it near impossible to open up a romance. She doesn't care much for one, but, when she finds that special someone, she will do whatever it takes to rid herself of them. Quite ironic, but, for her, it is a way to protect them from herself. Not only that, but she deems herself unworthy of one. As per why, the only true excuse could be found in her past although, deep inside, Meghan fears the concept and idea of it. Furthermore, Valkyrie is not the kind of person who wants, nor desires, to be a burden to the people she loves. Therefore, for her, she cuts them off completely as if they had never existed. All the while telling herself that she did the right thing. Meghan is not heartless, but she can be one when the time requires it. She is also one to never forget a face (or voice) for that matter. This has proved her to be quite an important asset to any team that requires infiltration. For, when she sees the opportunity to do something, she does so without a sense of remorse or regret. After all, if it allowed her to climb to the level she wished to reach, then it would justify her actions. Even if it meant she manipulated others to get to that point. This, though, can be boiled down the the actions of her parents. Living in that environment has morphed her into who she became. It was also the reason why she left her village behind -because she had unattached herself and rid certain aspects of her past along with it.

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Brood X. Bach


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Name : Brood X. Bach
Epithet : Tooth-Decay
Age : 28
Race : Human
Faction : Pirate
World Position : Supernova
Crew : Primetime Pirates
Ship : Big Time
Crew Position : Captain
Devil Fruit : Amai Amai no Mi
Haoshoku : 5
Busoshoku | Kenbunshoku : 5
Attack (ATK) : 510
Defense (DEF) : 225
Reflex (RX) : 300
Willpower (WP) : 300
Level : 55
Experience Points : 5500
Bounty : 225,000,000
Berries : 2,650,000

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PostSubject: Re: Meghan A. Hawke   Sun Sep 17, 2017 3:38 pm

I don't see anything wrong with this application personally...therefore I shall go ahead and approve it. Since you're level one, I don't think it matters how she stumbled across her mythical zoan, and therefore I'm not going to force you to come up with a reason as to how/why she found it.

Approved. (For Now.)

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Meghan A. Hawke
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