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 Good to be bad. (Crew Ad)

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Brood X. Bach


Name : Brood X. Bach
Epithet : Tooth-Decay
Age : 28
Race : Human
Faction : Pirate
Crew : Primetime Pirates
Ship : Big Time
Crew Position : Captain
Devil Fruit : Amai Amai no Mi
Haoshoku : 5
Busoshoku | Kenbunshoku : 5
Attack (ATK) : 510
Defense (DEF) : 225
Reflex (RX) : 300
Willpower (WP) : 300
Level : 55
Experience Points : 5500
Bounty : 225,000,000
Berries : 2,650,000
Posts : 35

PostSubject: Good to be bad. (Crew Ad)   Tue Aug 08, 2017 3:45 pm

So...we are allowed alternate accounts here. If anyone is interested in being a baddie on their alternate, for a change of pace or whatnot, I do need two people to join the Primetime Pirates. I understand if you do not want to join up for a little chaos and discord, but the offer is open to new and older players alike. I plan to do a lot of fun arcs, sagas and episodes that allow for people to tap into their character's "badassery" utilizing the bevy of new systems we've gain from the newest update, but I need crew members to make this happen. Here is the current crew roster of npcs, the ship, and the crew page. All positions are open, npcs will be moved to new tasks and jobs accordingly. We will try to have an adventure on every single island within Paradise and the New World, leaving our mark on the land. Though Brood does not want to become pirate king, he does want to bring his crew to a legendary status.

Note: You do not have to have a character that is evil. Neutral characters are welcome, the crew reputation will be of a evil/bad nature, similar to the great one piece villains we see in the story like the Blackbeard Pirates or the Donquixote Family. Not every member of the latter crew are evil, considering that Viola was a member of that crew. So on and so forth. (Some of the npc aren't evil on this crew.)

So bring on those alts! If you want. >.> that is.~ (Also, being at such a drastically lower level, you shouldn't have any problems since bosses are individual for arcs, sagas and episodes, meaning that if I am fighting a +3 boss, it would be a +3 in accordance to my level. If you wanted to fight a +1 or a +3, it would only be in accordance to your level, as you get to pick your own boss. Since they'd be different opponents. <3 )

Crew Overview:

Crew Members:

Crew Ship:

Arc Example

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Good to be bad. (Crew Ad)
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