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 Butch Castle's Bio

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Butch Castle


TrackerBioFighting StyleEquipment

Name : Butch Castle
Epithet : No-Good
Age : 19
Race : Human
Faction : Bounty Hunter
Crew : N/A
Ship : Little Castle
Crew Position : N/A
Haoshoku : 0
Busoshoku | Kenbunshoku : 0
Attack (ATK) : 80
Defense (DEF) : 50
Reflex (RX) : 85
Willpower (WP) : 50
Level : 1
Experience Points : 100
Berries : 5,050,000

Posts : 82

PostSubject: Butch Castle's Bio   Wed Apr 12, 2017 9:36 pm

Butch Castle

Basic Character Information

First Name: Butch
Middle Name: Francis
Last Name: Castle
Epithet: No-Good
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Race: Human (At least he thinks so)
Faction: Wannabe Bounty Hunter
Affiliation: Lone Wolf
Position: Captain of his own life
Bounty Hunter: Butch's day-job happens to be that of bounty hunting. But, one could've fooled him, since he claims to have spent just as many nights chasing after bounties as days. Being far too attached to his mostly unproductive life, he rarely goes after big-name troublemakers.
Odd Jobs Extraordinaire: Butch doesn't discriminate between paying jobs that'll keep him moving. He's worked as a daytaler many-a-times to keep some change in his pockets to make up for the times he wastes it away by overpaying for things or by simply losing it while wandering aimlessly.
Gunsmith: Butch fancies himself an "artist of tiny-things-that'll-kill-you", almost always keeping an ammo-making kit handy. His custom revolvers require ammunition that is not sold on most islands he visits, and so, having practiced a bit of smithing and chemistry from his many short-lived apprenticeships, he's devised a few recipes for the primers he would need for cartridges. Creating the shells and bullets is easy enough when he has access to an average smithy where he can set up his tools.

Physical Appearance

Height: 5'8½" (174 cm)
Weight: 168 lbs. (76 kg)
Hair Style: Butch has extremely shaggy and wild but thick black hair, which hangs down below the nape of his neck.
Hair Color: Black with the odd grey strands
Eye Color: Greenish grey
Scars: Butch has several lash marks on his back and two stab wounds on the front of his torso—one near the right shoulder and the other just above his waist towards the left hip. His arms and the backs of his hands have a few scattered permanent blisters from burns, and his knees are scraped nearly to shreds. On a lighter note, Butch has a birthmark on his butt in the shape of puckered lips. He's extremely embarrassed by this and swears he'd murder anyone who'd laugh at him after seeing it.
Clothing and Accessories:
Under an ever-donned dirty white cloak, Butch is a sharply dressed young man. He wears a brown long-sleeved jacket with deep pockets and matching tight-fit work pants. The color of his shirt also rarely varies, as he mostly prefers to wear button-up long-sleeved shirts in mostly a small variety of red shades. He carries a small boxy, leather satchel behind him, keeping its short clip-on straps attached to his ammunition belt. And to this belt, he ties two low hanging holsters below each hip, the straps of which also carry a belt full of ammo. In these holsters rest his twin ornate steel revolvers, each with long barrels and ornate swirling and flowery patterns etched around them. The pistol that normally rests in the left holster has the word "Fly" engraved on its left side, while the other pistol has the words "One Day" engraved on its right.

Detailed Description:
Butch is a thin man of average height. He has decently toned muscles, as he keeps himself fit by performing a variety of odd jobs which usually involve extensive physical labor. Butch's light brown skin is often tanned to a slightly darker shade of the same, which remains maintained thanks to his regular hat-less time out in the sun during jobs. He keeps his messy black hair maintenance-free, only having it trimmed when the ends extend beyond the nape of his neck. People often point out the odd strands of grey hair in his thick hair, advising him to unload his stress; in defense of which he falsely claims to always be stress-free. The green tint in his otherwise grey eyes sometimes shows through in bright daylight, but in low-light environments, one would really have to strain their eyes to notice it. Butch is rather nimble and very flexible, often showing off this fact by exaggeratedly vaulting over everyday obstacles unnecessarily skillfully.

The Past

Main Traits: Whimsical, Unpredictable, Comical, Flexible, Uncommitted
Likes: Fun-living, Exploring, Working new jobs, Guns, Freedom, Self-preservation
Dislikes: Commitments, Foolhardy bravery, Selflessness, Haughtiness, Ill-humored folk
Hometown: Flevance
Butch is an extremely whimsical man with tendencies of being unpredictable just for the sake of surprising people. He rarely remains consistent with his behavior, seemingly changing his personality at a moment's notice. This unstable and erratic psyche stems from the lack of any constants in Butch's life. Since his entire childhood was spent moving from one orphanage to another, the differences in treatments at those orphanages are what produced the man he is today.

Butch does have a few traits that do remain visible through most of his mood shifts, however. He generally despises foolhardy selfless bravery, preferring himself and others to prioritize their own lives over others'. Despite this need for self-preservation, he does sometimes take adventurous risks for the entertainment factor, enjoying the thrill of exploring new and sometimes dangerous situations. During these episodes of adventurous spirit, his unstable characteristics show through, revealing the psychotic side of his nature. Unnecessary violence and carelessly picked fights often ensue in such cases, usually initiated by Butch himself.

Butch also has a sort of honest streak about him, as he never really resorts to criminal acts for the sake of the one thing that is most key to his survival—money. He prefers taking on odd jobs, of which he finds plenty enough during his travels. His main profession entails bounty hunting, but unlike some do-gooder bounty hunters out there, he rarely chases after a criminal with a sense of righteousness. He views this job as simply another way to earn half a living while also the rest of the living is done on the edge, getting his dose of adrenaline out of the stimulating encounters with the "bad guys". The need to keep himself alive does prevent him from pursuing high-value targets though, leading him to usually chase criminals with bounties under one million berries.


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Butch Castle's Bio
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