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 Frozen Flames Style

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PostSubject: Frozen Flames Style   Mon Jul 04, 2016 2:18 pm

Doragon Doragon no mi, Model: Ice Dragon

Devil Fruit: Doragon Doragon no mi, Model: Ice Dragon
Devil Fruit Type: Mythical Zoan

Devil Fruit Appearance: A light blue pear riddled with swirls.
Devil Fruit Description: The Doragon Doragon no mi, Model: Ice Dragon is a mythical zoan devil fruit that grants the user the ability to transform into an ice dragon. Just like any other dragon, this form comes with the ability of flight as well as durable scales. The user is also capable of generating ice blue flames that unlike regular flames are cold to the touch. Instead of burning, these flames freeze whatever they engulf. While in it's fire state, the frozen flames can clash with, and possibly overpower regular flames, but will lose any freezing effects.

Devil Fruit Passive Abilities:

  • Frozen Scales:

Once every two posts, the user instinctively generates dragon scales cold to the touch on their entire flesh, to defend against an incoming technique, or basic attack, halving the damage if it's the same tier, or completely blocking it if it's at least a tier lower.

  • Frozen Aura:

Once a thread for five posts, the user can activate an invisible (can be seen through kenbo haki.) chilling aura around them that spans out to 10m. Anything within the aura will end up having spots covered in frost while anyone within it will get a chilling effect that lowers their reflex by fifteen percent.

  • Cold Immunity:

The user is immune to cold environments, and freezing like effects from moves that are the same tier, or lower than the user.

Fighting Style: Frozen Flames
Weapon Utilization: Sword, and limbs
Specialization: Mix
Description: Frozen Flames is a fighting style created by the user using a combination of a sword style taught to him by his adopted father, and devil fruit. The user mixes their ability to generate freezing flames with their sword to create close, and long ranged attacks to either slow, freeze, or damage the target among other things such as using their limbs instead, or going full, or half zoan form to unleash more devastating, and chilling effects.


Light Attacks:

Medium Attacks:

Heavy Attacks:

AOE Attacks:
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TrackerBioFighting StyleEquipment

Name : Gray Starks
Epithet : The Conqueror (Formerly "Black Fist")
Age : 49
Race : Cyborg
Faction : Pirate
World Position : Super Veteran (Former Yonkou)
Crew : Black Fist Pirates (Destroyed)
Ship : Fistful AKA "The Fist" (Destroyed)
Crew Position : Captain (Former)
Devil Fruit : Pressure-Pressure Fruit
Haoshoku : 9
Busoshoku | Kenbunshoku : 9
Attack (ATK) : 750
Defense (DEF) : 600
Reflex (RX) : 655
Willpower (WP) : 600
Level : 100
Experience Points : 10000
Bounty : 2,500,000,000
Income Multiplier : +10%
Berries : 25,000,000,000

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PostSubject: Re: Frozen Flames Style   Thu Jul 07, 2016 6:45 pm

I have to say Law, most of these techniques would have been far more suitable for a sword which was fed an Ice-Ice Paramecia. I was disappointed by the lack of involvement of your dragon-like characteristics. However, it's okay. It's a little late too completely overhaul the mechanisms of your fruit (unless you have the willpower and the time to do that). If you do choose to change your fighting style into what I suggested, I would be happy to let you start with a Devil Fruit Upgrade on your sword. Otherwise, here are some comments to simply dull your current fighting style's fangs.

1. Frozen Scales Passive: Make it every 10 posts. And also make it so that only halves the damage of characters that are two tiers below, and completely negates the damage of characters that are three or more tiers below. It is way too OP in its current state.

2. Still Crescent: Simply remove where it says "Can cut through stone". Light attacks shouldn't be as powerful.

3. Touch: Completely taking away the mobility of the limbs of an opponent with a light technique is a no-go. In fact, it should be a no go for even a medium attack. And if you decide to make it a heavy attack, then make a restriction for yourself saying that for this attack to work, your defense stat should at least be 125% of their attack stat. (Otherwise, they should be able to kick free). Involving stats like this is a good way to make your techniques fair and balanced. You should use this opportunity to apply this system to more of your techniques.

4. Flurry: Light attacks are named "light" for a reason. Saying that it "deals moderate damage" contradicts the whole point of light attacks. (Not to mention the fact that it even causes extra damage afterwards). Reduce the damage or change it into a medium attack.

5. Flying Crescent: In this case, remove the "can cut through iron" bit. That sort of stuff is determined by how overwhelming your attack stat is anyway. (This applies to anywhere else you might've used this descriptor.)

6. Don't be inconsistent with the use of feet and meters. Stick to one unit of length. My recommendation is that you convert all of them to meters, as that is how the ranges and radii are defined.

7. Winter Flurry: Medium attacks are not quick attacks. They should be fairly slow.

8. Net: Remove the "lethal cutting damage" bit. The lethality of attacks is determined by pitting your attack vs the opponent's defense, and by scaling it based on whether they are light/medium/heavy attacks.

9. Hybrid Form: Same comment as Frozen Scales applies here. In fact, since you have this, remove Frozen Scales all together. You should not be immune to non-haki based combat attacks. You are not a Logia. Even Marco the Phoenix got hurt by attacks. The only reason he recovered so quickly from them was because that was the inherent ability of his Devil Fruit. Also remove the bit where you mention what kind of slashing damage characters of lower levels can do. That kind of stuff is determined by the stat system.

10. Roar: You can't just freeze "whatever gets caught in it". That would imply that any players (despite their defense stat) would simply freeze if they were within that attack. Add some stat requirements if you wish to freeze characters. And if by "whatever gets caught in it", you're only referring to objects and non-living things, then make that distinction in the description.

Tip: Instead of having to include in every technique's description that you coat your blade with frozen flames and that you can use those attacks without the frozen flames, you could've simply added to your fighting style description the following: "Any sword-based techniques are preceded by the user coating their blade in frozen flames. The frozen flames cause a freezing effect on most things they cut. However, all sword-based techniques can be used without the frozen flames, creating bursts of wind instead, and the techniques lose their freezing effect."

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Frozen Flames Style
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