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 Horu Horu: Hidden Fist

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PostSubject: Horu Horu: Hidden Fist   Wed Mar 22, 2017 4:36 pm

Horu Horu no mi

Devil Fruit: What is it called? Horu Horu no mi
Devil Fruit Type: Paramecia

Devil Fruit Appearance: A super sized (Baseball sized) purple Synsepalum Dulcificum(Miracle Fruit) with cyan spirals.
Devil Fruit Description: . Allows the user to create special hormones and inject them with his fingers whose tips transform to syringes excluding the thumbs (fingertip/nail functions like hypodermic needle). The hormones produced make the user a human engineer controlling: pigmentation, emotional state, temperature, gender, growth. Hormones are also beneficial on the battlefield allowing to heal and energize himself as well as other.

Devil Fruit Passive Abilities: The user can change the cosmetic appearance of a person this affect last up to 24 hours unless the target wants the affect to be permanent, the user can also cancel the affects sooner. This has no battle benefit. Height can not be changed with this but there can be slight changes to weight

Can alter the emotional state of someone equal or lower tier.
Metabolic Rate:
Hidden Fist Principle:

Fighting Style: Hidden Fist
Weapon Utilization: Do you use any weapons with your fighting style?
Specialization: Melee
Description: Using the hormones of his DF he will buff own attack and debuff his opponents. He will also increase his ability to fight by energizing and healing himself. Do to the nature of his DF those who benefit from his skills will receive the penalties or cool downs as the case might be.

If Cal uses growth hormone on himself that would be a benefit to him. But using growth hormones on someone else can either be a benefit or liability to them. If it is a liability then Cal benefits.


Light Attacks:

Medium Attacks:

Heavy Attacks:

AOE Attacks:

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Horu Horu: Hidden Fist
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