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 Anyone care for some medieval fiction?

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PostSubject: Anyone care for some medieval fiction?   Fri Mar 17, 2017 3:29 am

Have you ever wondered what Gray does with all his free time when he isn't popping up on the site every hour to see if hell's broken loose? Well, even if you don't, allow me to tell you.

I've been working on a story that has been evolving with me for over ten years. I like to call it a novel, but I also know that I only have the right to call it that once I finish it. For the longest time, I'd been hesitant to share it with anyone, afraid of its disappointing quality. But, after some positive reactions (one very helpful and encouraging one comes from Baltroy<3), I've decided to share it with my fellow writers and story-tellers.

The story focuses on the journey of two lost souls, one an aging knight living on his past glories, the other a young thug struggling in the underworld to etch out his existence. Both will travel parallel paths through a blood-soaked civil war, fighting gruesome battles, investigating mind-wrenching mysteries, and dabbling in treasonous court politics.

If medieval fiction is your cup of tea, and you like seeing stories through multiple perspectives (I mean, otherwise... why roleplay?), feel free to check out what I've written so far of From Knights to Men: Iron and Ashes. (Also! Do note that the content of the story is mature, and I cannot, in good conscience, recommend reading it if you are younger than eighteen/seventeen or whatever age your nation deems you to be "mature" at.)

If you do happen to read it and have any comments, opinions, or suggestions, please do share them with me~

Have fun pioneers!

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Anyone care for some medieval fiction?
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