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Christmas is almost here, and so is our first world event! There will be plenty of rewards to go around for everyone, so be sure to check out the World Events Begin! thread for more information on how to participate and get your fingers in that pie! (Don't worry, it's a really big pie.)
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 ♠♦Wonderland Pirates♥♣

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Lazarus D. Eon

avatar Name : Lazarus. D. Eon
Epithet : Acidic Punk
Age : 19
Race : Human
Faction : Pirate
Crew : -
Ship : -
Crew Position : Captain
Devil Fruit : San San No Mi - Acid Acid Parameica
Haoshoku : 5
Busoshoku | Kenbunshoku : 5
Attack (ATK) : 440
Defense (DEF) : 320
Reflex (RX) : 270
Willpower (WP) : 325
Level : 56
Experience Points : 5600
Bounty : 295,000,000
Berries : 20,200,000
Posts : 118

PostSubject: ♠♦Wonderland Pirates♥♣   Sun Jul 03, 2016 3:16 pm

The Wonderland Pirates

Name: ♠♦Wonderland Pirates♥♣
Faction: Pirates
Number of Members: 4
Strength: 40

Insignia/Jolly Roger: The flag has symbols of each playing card on suit on it, diamond, club, spade and heart, representing the four key members Caesar desires for his initial crew. He's not against having more members, but he believes that each suit should have a General of sorts to specialize in a dream of their desire, as he, referring to himself as the 'Joker of the Pack', has his own dream he would like to obtain.
Motive: Caesar's motive is simple, gain Ilusia as his homeland to erase the injustices he experienced as a child and also become a Big Name Pirate whose goal is to eradicate the concept nobility everywhere he goes. Upon joining the Wonderland Pirates, each member is asked what their dream is and Caesar promises via exchange of Sake to make this dream come through.
Ship: Crimson Joker
Captain: Caesar J. Cofresi
First Mate | Navigator: Sora Starks - ♥Ruler of Hearts♥ 
Merchant: Emilia Blyth -  ♥Queen of Hearts ♥
Tracker: - Brood X. Bach - ♥Jack of Hearts ♥
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♠♦Wonderland Pirates♥♣
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