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Christmas is almost here, and so is our first world event! There will be plenty of rewards to go around for everyone, so be sure to check out the World Events Begin! thread for more information on how to participate and get your fingers in that pie! (Don't worry, it's a really big pie.)
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 Questing Guide

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PostSubject: Questing Guide   Sun Dec 11, 2016 4:28 am

This is where you can find information regarding the questing system of the site.
If you'd like to apply for a quest, please visit the Quest Requests thread.


Quests are the primary method of progression in Revival Dawn. These quests are categorized into four different classes: Episodes, Arcs, Sagas, World Events. The first three categories are differentiated by the number of characters and threads they involve, and the effects they have on the world post-completion. Arcs and sagas must have inter-connecting plot lines and characters, otherwise they will be treated as distinct episodes.

Participation limit: You can participate in as many episodes as you can handle at the same time, however, you may only participate in up to a maximum of two arcs simultaneously, and one saga. You may not simultaneously participate in quests in different seas. For example: If you have an ongoing quest in Paradise, any new quest until that quest ends must take place in Paradise. The only exceptions to this rule are world events.

Note: The rewards of arcs and sagas are given once every thread involved in them is completed and graded.


Minimum number of threads required: 1
Minimum Player Characters: 1
Minimum Total Posts per Thread: 18 (10 posts of moderate length if soloed)
0 Difficulty minimum rewards: +50 EXP, +75k*(character level) berries


Minimum number of threads required: 3
Minimum Player Characters: 3
Minimum Total Posts per Thread: 24
0 Difficulty minimum rewards: +250 EXP, +300k*(character level) berries


Minimum number of threads required: 5
Minimum Player Characters: 4
Minimum Total Posts per Thread: 28
0 Difficulty minimum rewards: +500 EXP, +500k*(character level) berries

World Events

World Events are special events that are organized by the staff members, and drive the plot of the world forward. Each world event will have unique rewards and requirements, and the performance of the participants will be the biggest factor in determining its outcome and rewards.


The difficulty of a quest is determined by the difference in levels between the player and the quest boss they will fight in that quest.

There are nine difficulty levels altogether, and they are categorized as follows:
+4: The boss is at least 20 levels higher than the player.
+3: The boss is 15-19 levels higher than the player.
+2: The boss is 10-14 levels higher than the player.
+1: The boss is 5-9 levels higher than the player.
+0: The boss is 0-4 levels higher or lower than the player.
-1: The boss is 5-9 levels lower than the player.
-2: The boss is 10-14 levels lower than the player.
-3: The boss is 15-19 levels lower than the player.
-4: The boss is at least 20 levels lower than the player.

For Arcs and Sagas, each thread before the final one must at least have a “mini-boss” which is two difficulties lower than the quest boss (quest boss appears in the final thread). These mini-bosses do not need to be defeated for the quest to proceed further, they simply need to be engaged in combat at least once per thread. The final quest bosses do need to be defeated to gain rewards for that difficulty. If you escape from your final boss and finish the quest without defeating him, your quest difficulty will default to +0 unless it is already lower than +0, in which case the rewards will be degraded to one difficulty below.

When questing together with other players, there must be at least one boss for each player to fight against in every thread. The quest difficulty is calculated separately for each player depending on the level of the boss they will be fighting.

When teaming up against a boss of a certain difficulty, all players who dealt at least (or very, very close to) 20% damage to the boss will gain the rewards for that difficulty.

Note: Any Logia users will not gain positive difficulty bonuses from bosses under level 20.

Difficulty reward multipliers

The rewards of quests will be multiplied based on the difficulty of the quests using the following chart. When rewarding players at the end of the thread, each player’s reward will be calculated individually based on their own difficulty level (based on the quest boss they defeated).
+4: +200%
+3: +100%
+2: +50%
+1: +25%
+0: +0%
-1: -10%
-2: -25%
-3: -50%
-4: -75%

Defeating a higher difficulty boss or retreating after a defeat

On higher difficulty quests, it may sometimes take several attempts to defeat the boss. In cases like these, if a player is knocked out, they will earn a +15% to their difficulty reward multiplier for every knock out they suffer up to a maximum of +45%.

If a player has not defeated an opponent by their fourth knockout, they must retreat from the quest. A player is also free to retreat from a quest at any time once the boss fight begins. (They must still conclude the thread RP wise to explain their escape.)

However, if they retreat from a quest without defeating the boss, their difficulty reward multiplier will be reset to +0%, and they will simply earn the base amount of EXP for that quest category. (They must still meet the minimum post requirement to qualify for a quest reward.)


Each quest must be graded by a mod before its rewards can be handed out. Quests can take up to two weeks (and maybe more) to grade, depending on their lengths, especially in the case of arcs and sagas. So, some patience will be required on the players' end when awaiting the results of a grading.

The rewards of quests can vary depending on two major factors: roleplaying quality and writing quality.

Roleplaying quality: This grading factor involves player avoiding general pitfalls in RPs such as metagaming and godmodding. The smoother your interactions are with your fellow participants in your posts, the better this part of the score will be.

Writing & story quality: Needless to say, the quality of the actual content of your posts will be judged with a critical eye by the graders. This part of the score will vary depending on how well you write, and how immersive your content is. Keep in mind that you don't have to be a highly skilled writer to obtain a decent quality score. An engaging story with interesting character development is just important!

Quality Score Multipliers

There are seven different levels of quality scores, and the reward multipliers will vary depending on these.

S: (+100%) Exceptional writing with a highly compelling plot; topped with solid characters and good character development.
A: (+50%) Good writing with an engaging plot; interesting characters and some character development.
B: (+25%) Decent writing with at least a somewhat interesting plot.
C: (+0%) Readable writing with an okay-ish plot. Little to no character development.
D: (-15%) Hard-to-read writing with an acceptable plot.
E: (-30%) Hard-to-read writing and a completely uninteresting (or random and difficult-to-follow) plot.
F: (-60%) Extremely poor writing and plot. (If scoring this grade, please discuss with the grader whether there are any efforts you could apply to your future threads to improve your grading.)
~: (+25%) The quality of the beginning of the quest was satisfying. However, the grader did not have enough time to finish reading your quest within two weeks of submission. The grader will be required to read through your quest at a later point in time. When this full grading is completed, if your quality score was higher than B, your rewards will be updated accordingly. If not, then you will keep your +25% multiplier.


The reward calculation of a quest uses this simple formula once completed: {[Categorical reward] + [(Difficulty Multiplier)*(Categorical reward)] + [(Quality Score Multiplier)*(Categorical reward)]}.

Note: The quality score and difficulty multipliers for each player are taken individually, and therefore each player's reward calculation is done separately; this is also done to account for the varying player levels.

Calculation Example: If a level 50 character completed a +1 difficulty saga and received a quality score of A, their final reward would be calculated as follows:
{[500 XP] + [25% of 500 XP] + [50% of 500 XP] =} 875 XP and {[500k*50] + [25% of (500k*50)] + [50% of (500k*50)] =} 43,750,000 (43 million and 750k) berries.

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Questing Guide
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