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 Sunset: Road to Nowhere - A Gang-Driven with Powers RP Board

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PostSubject: Sunset: Road to Nowhere - A Gang-Driven with Powers RP Board   Sun Aug 14, 2016 5:26 pm

Day and night. Night and day. Just as the world keeps turning, so too do people live out their daily lives. But not everything is what it seems to be. Though the world appears at peace, in actuality, the ones who are in power, are far from being in power. Instead, they hold power only in title, acting as a figurehead for the true individuals in control. The Big Five. An underground organization comprised of the heads of the most powerful gangs located throughout the world, they control everything from the shadows, literally have fingers in every pie, and grow more powerful with each passing day. No one knows who is part of each respective gang, or even where The Big Five all come together and meet. The balance of the world has changed, and a majority of the world are completely oblivious to it. Everything has been changed as people know it...


The world is your oyster, where will life take you?
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Sunset: Road to Nowhere - A Gang-Driven with Powers RP Board
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