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 The Revived Era

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PostSubject: The Revived Era   Sun Jun 26, 2016 2:06 pm

It is said that there is a treasure so grand, so glorious, so magnificent, that when someone finds that treasure, the entire world will be shaken to its core. The finding of this treasure will mark the end of one era and the beginning of another.

The name of this treasure is... ONE PIECE.

25 years ago, a pirate did indeed shake the world by finding this very treasure. His name was Hoar D. Marsh.


300 years ago, there was said to have been a Great Pirate Era. The first King of the Pirates, whose name is now buried and lost, left a great treasure. A few decades later, a second Pirate King was named, who found One Piece. What changes he brought to the world and what legacy he left behind were soon buried again by the Confederacy of over 170 Nations: The World Government.

This era came to be known as The Void Era, the history of which is quarantined from the world's populace.

Many set out in search of this history, from which only one name survived. The name of the greatest treasure in the world: One Piece.


Hoar D. Marsh came from a small town in the West Blue, from where he set off on one of the grandest adventures ever known to the world. He quickly became a rising star in the West Blue and earnt himself a bounty for clashing against the World Government. Gathering himself many powerful crew mates, he entered the Grand Line, making a big splash. His fame continued to surge when people began to know him as "Hoard Marsh", due to the supposed error in his wanted poster.

25 years ago, Hoar D. Marsh found the legendary treasure of One Piece. There was a massive battle near the end of the New World. Marsh and the Soaring Pirates battled the Navy and the World Government, to protect the location of One Piece. In the end, the Soaring Pirates lost, and Marsh was captured. Many of his crew mates had managed to escape, and some even went on to later become very well known pirates themselves.

Upon his capture, he was promptly executed at the Marine Headquarters, Marineford, in Paradise. His execution was broadcast to the entire world. Before his head was removed, he spoke to the world with a smile. "They take my life because they fear what I could have done after finding it. Change the world! Find that treasure, find One Piece!"

Adventurers all over the world were thrilled by these words and quickly set sail to the Grand Line to find One Piece.


20 years after the Pirate King's dying declaration, the seas were slowly simmering. Many pirates who had once sailed in the hopes of finding One Piece, were now giving up to despair and hopelessness.

Then, to drive the nail in the coffin, the Navy found and imprisoned the wife of Hoard Marsh, Ana D. Mire, who had hidden away from the world.

Hearing this news, one of the crew members of the original Soaring Pirates, who had now gone on to become a Yonkou, one of the four emperor pirates ruling over the New World, went on a rampage. The name of this pirate was Gray "Black Fist" Starks. Along with his crew, the Black Fist Pirates,  he conquered many World Government facilities along the Grand Line. He was titled "The Conqueror" due to his actions and became known as the most troublesome Yonkou of his time.

The Navy decided to put an end to his war by calling him out to a decisive battle. They scheduled an execution of Mire at the same place that her husband was beheaded.

The bait succeeded, as Gray and the Soaring pirates attacked Marineford in full force. A massive battle ensued, which was broadcast to the world in hopes of deterring any further piracy. The Soaring Pirates dealt considerable damage to the elite of the Navy, but the Marines gained the upper hand against their outnumbered foes. Mire was executed before she could be rescued, in retaliation of which, Gray destroyed the Pillar of Justice, the entirety of the massive headquarters. The Admirals, led by the fleet admiral, Hannibal Strauss, attacked Gray in unison wounding him fatally. Before he was tossed into the sea from their final attack, he boldly shouted words to the world, just like his former captain.

"One Piece is real! When the pirate king fought the world, they told you he lost. They lied! He defeated the world but surrendered to defend the legacy of One Piece. They call him Hoard Marsh. It's a lie, my captain's name was Hoar D. Marsh. And the Will of the D. still lives! It awaits the next being who will define the future at the end of The New World... At Raftel!"


The final words of The Conqueror woke up the curiosity of adventurers old and young. The Great Pirate Era was once again revived, now more profoundly than ever. The year is now 1828. It has been 4 years since The Conqueror's War, and pirates from all over the world are setting sail while the World Government has its hands full with a newly rising enemy, the New Revolutionary Army.
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The Revived Era
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