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 Fuwa Fuwa no Mi WIP

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Enter Tracker Here Name : Earl D. Campbell
Epithet : Angel
Age : 15
Race : Human
Faction : Pirate
Devil Fruit : Fuwa Fuwa no Mi
Haoshoku : 0
Busoshoku | Kenbunshoku : 5
Attack (ATK) : 330
Defense (DEF) : 305
Reflex (RX) : 150
Willpower (WP) : 250
Level : 40
Experience Points : 4000
Berries : 50,000
Posts : 18

PostSubject: Fuwa Fuwa no Mi WIP   Fri Jul 29, 2016 3:07 am

Fuwa Fuwa no Mi - Float Float Fruit

Devil Fruit: Fuwa Fuwa no Mi
Devil Fruit Type: Paramecia

Devil Fruit Appearance: The Fuwa Fuwa no Mi is a purple melon slice shaped fruit with various swirls on it and a curly stem on top. Its insides are bright green, similar to a honeydew melon, and are also covered in swirls.
Devil Fruit Description: The Fuwa Fuwa no Mi is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows the wielder to control the movement of himself and non-living objects after touching them once. It allows the levitation of these objects, regardless of how heavy they are.

Essentially, this ability is identical to telekinesis.

  • The fruit's bestowed powers, as used by Earl, can be used for a variety of uses. He noted it as being able to cancel and/or manipulate the hold that gravity has on an object, but he cannot use its power on any other living thing. Typically, when levitating something, Earl gestures with one or both his hands (his fingers included) to better control the effect.
  • The ability to simulate flight gives him a great advantage in combat, because it enables him to avoid many different types of attacks with relative ease. However, it should be noted, while in air he has a somewhat limited mobility and reflex, even more than while on ground, so it's possible to land weaker and quick hits, but it may be difficult to land heavy hits.

Devil Fruit Passive Abilities:

  • Angel Rise: He may fly to move at a much-faster pace than other people and to travel long distances in a short time.
  • Angel Touch: He may to control nearby inanimate objects. Once an object has been levitated, it will remain floating until he commands otherwise. The affected objects in question does not have to be in close proximity in order to maintain the passive effect.
  • Angel's Sculpting: In addition, he may use his power to manipulate and remodel the surrounding environment.

Fighting Style: Heavenly Seraph
Weapon Utilization:


(The following techniques can either be all devil fruit techniques, or a combination of devil fruit, and natural/weapon techniques)

Light Attacks:

Medium Attacks:

Heavy Attacks:

AOE Attacks:
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Fuwa Fuwa no Mi WIP
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