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 Tastes like Ocean [OPEN]

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PostSubject: Tastes like Ocean [OPEN]   Thu Jul 14, 2016 11:21 am

Salt. The air was salty.

For once in his life he wants to smell the air without it smelling like the sea. He's had enough of the sea, land is where he's at now. Though he thinks that, he knows that there will be a time when the sea will call for him once more.

He finds himself on the beach of some random island. He hasn't been here long enough to really care about it's name though he should really get around to knowing it, as this might be his new base of operations.

Laying on the sand is something he enjoys doing, so he started with that. Lounging on the beach was one of his many activities that require almost no effort at all to do. Normally he would lay there for hours on end, but today his lounging was cut short. He found a shadow looming over him.

"Move it, your blocking my sun light."

This remark was responded with him getting the butt of a gun shoved into his face. It was his partner, Twilight.
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Tastes like Ocean [OPEN]
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