Revival Dawn is a One Piece RP forum, set in an alternate universe of the canon One Piece manga and anime.
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Ahoy-o, folks of Revival Dawn.

As you may have noticed, I've been absent for the past week and a half because we were doing some renovations in the house. However, I'm afraid I'll need to be absent for much longer since life has managed to catch up to me, which will prevent me from being able to continue with my staff duties on even a semi-regular basis. So, for a time, Revival Dawn will be going on vacation, so to speak. Once I've returned, I will be sure to send a notification out to your registered emails to let you know that the site is open once again. I apologize for the unexpected nature of this message and any inconveniences thereafter. But, fear not! Any returning members will keep their status as it were before this break.

Hope to see you all once I return!

UPDATE: I'm sorry it's been taking so long friends, but I'm afraid I'm still searching for a new job, which is why I had to leave in the first place. I can't be certain when I will be able to dedicate enough time to the forum to do it justice, especially since schools will be starting in a couple of months. But, the message above still applies, so please bear with me as I tend to my selfish needs.