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 Mane Mane no Mi [WIP]

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Emilia Blyth


Enter Tracker Here Name : Emilia S. Blyth
Age : 22
Race : Horned
Faction : Pirate
Crew : N/A
Ship : N/A
Crew Position : N/A
Haoshoku : 0
Busoshoku | Kenbunshoku : 6
Attack (ATK) : 65
Defense (DEF) : 35
Reflex (RX) : 250
Willpower (WP) : 385
Level : 25
Experience Points : 2500
Bounty : 20,000,000
Berries : 50,000
Posts : 14

PostSubject: Mane Mane no Mi [WIP]   Sat Jul 09, 2016 12:49 am

Mane Mane no Mi

Devil Fruit: Mane Mane no Mi
Devil Fruit Type: Paramecia

Devil Fruit Appearance: Mane Mane no Mi appears to be a red pear with numerous yellow, tiny humanoid hand prints on it's surface.
Devil Fruit Description: Upon eating this fruit, said person becomes an 'Imitating Human'. By touching any sentient being's face with their right hand, and they add said being's body into their memory. This enables them to transform characteristics of their body, or their whole body to match that being's by touching their own face with their right hand. The user can also change other people's body through the same gesture. They can revert any changes made by this fruit by doing the same gesture with the left hand. The user's clothing does not adapt to the transformation leaving some flaw to their disguise.

Devil Fruit Passive Abilities:

  • Shape shifting: By utilizing the powers of the Mane Mane no Mi, Emilia can become a flawless copy of somebody else in only appearance. She can only shape shift into people whose face she has memorized which makes it difficult to utilize the fruit's true prowess. Due to her lack of experience with the fruit, she cannot gain any additional strength from the body she is mimicking without straining herself.

Fighting Style: Fluid and Rigid
Weapon Utilization: None
Specialization: Close Range


Light Attacks:

Medium Attacks:

Heavy Attacks:

AOE Attacks:
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Mane Mane no Mi [WIP]
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